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Express Telegraph newspaper. 3rd Jan, 1889.

(PLEASE NOTE, we are still compiling information gathered from online sources and comparing them to the historical events and localities around of that time. So some information may not be confirmed). VIEW SOURCE

Evening Journal newspaper. 9th April, 1889.

The club was first formed in the small South Australian country town of Balhannah in the Onkaparinga Valley in the 1880’s. It was one of the first Baseball Clubs in South Australia after a couple of exhibition games were announced to be played over the Easter weekend at Balhannah Cricket Ground.

Evening Journal newspaper. 23rd March, 1889.

During this time, there was some division in the colonial league before the formation of the SA Baseball League. Some of the clubs wanted to start playing in the summer and the founding clubs, like Onka’s insisted to remain in the winter as it was more convenient for the Cricketers. We do not know at what time or how long for but 2 different competitions were in existence by the 1930’s, District (with the current SABL clubs) and Metropolitan.

There is not much information about the club between its founding in the 1880’s until the mid 1930’s. We will continue to research this more..

The Mail newspaper. 16th May, 1936.

During the 30’s Onka’s were very dominant in the Metro league competing in all 3 divisions at some time.

Advertiser newspaper. 11th October, 1937.

The club was thriving just before WW II due to active servicemen based at the nearby Woodside barracks.

The Mail newspaper. 13th July, 1940.

Most of their games were played in the Adelaide suburbs including the Adelaide Oval. Each week players would come down to play and enjoy the social scene afterwards (we believe the servicemen would receive a leave pass for the weekend).

Advertiser newspaper. 18th September, 1939.

The Baseball team in the 30’s and 40’s was known as the Cubs. This could be the reason why no other Baseball club in Adelaide is known as the Cubs. The club possibly had this name when they formed in the late 1880’s.

By the early 40’s the soldiers were sent off to go fight in WW II and then went straight home after the war. Sadly this is were the Onka’s club story appears to end.

Until now… Fast forward to April 2017 and the story will continue and acknowledge the tradition as the Cubs.

First game back – 29th April, 2017. @ Glenelg Baseball Club

Cubs first win. 10-4 against Varsity on 22nd July, 2017 @ Glenelg Baseball Club

Article from the Southern Times “Messenger” about our Cubs entering the SA Women’s Baseball League in 2017/2018.


We would like to point out that all of this is purely speculation. We would appreciate anyone who has anything to add to please get in touch with us HERE.

We would also like to thank Mr. Gordon Penhall for finding this lost piece of South Australian Baseball history.